The myth of the everyday 

Sue Fraser's oeuvre is patently about people. Her works are inspired byhuman encounter, enriched by a fascination with the narratives that arecarried through generations in fairy tales, nursery rhymes and the mythologyof individual families - not least her own. Printmaking is the medium inwhich she explores and relates a lifetime of female experience - as child,mother, friend, wife: the artist notes in my work the family is thespringboard to the greater world . Fraser lives and works in her home incountry Victoria, in a seasonally rich, green, pastoral part of Australia.Saturated with the beauty of Gippsland, and having lived in many regionalareas in Australia, and in the Pacific Islands, one might expect landscapeto feature in the artist's work. In fact it holds little interest for her.As an artist she embraces the rich, complex, and often difficult subject ofhuman nature, interpreted from her own very human point of view.

Fraser began printmaking a little over a decade ago, and went on to completeher Master of Arts (Visual Art) . The development of a body of work for herdegree, entitled Family Business, allowed the artist to explore thesignificance of family in the growth of her artistic vision. From her mothercomes the homespun truths and family mythology which informs all families tosome degree; from her four grown children, whose life choices range fromprofessional artist to full-time homemaker, constant inspiration in the waytheir generation makes their way in the world and prepares their children for life in (for Fraser) an uncertain and often threatening future. Mostsignificantly, the pictorial, aural, and written narratives which infusedher childhood, and subsequently her own children's, directly impinge on herprintmaking practice. The artist notes that for me nursery rhymes are avast source from which to draw for my own work, and one of which I nevertire, as the rhymes open themselves to new interpretations daily. They evolve with what is occurring in the world at any given time

.Fraser seems unaffected by the artistic isolation that comes with livingaway from the city (in fact, as in many rural areas there is a local artscene supported by a lively regional public gallery and a university campus)and while she has found inspiration in other artists' work (Pieter Brueghelthe Elder, Paula Rego, Stanley Spencer, Barbara Hanrahan among others) herfocus in always on the content of the image - the narrative intent - andthis is to be found anywhere there are other human beings. Fraser refers tothe people depicted in her prints as protagonists  , terminology which emphasises the narrative/textual focus the artist brings to her work, andpoints to a strong sense of theatre in each piece.

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