Symbols frequently used in her work include the raven or crow,strong, bold, black, with an iridescence which adds incredible depth to itscolour, a raven is easily identifiable  and the lily, an equivocal symbolwhich means purity or virginity in some instances, and the 'funeral' flowerin others . It is appropriate that these particular images achieve asignificant position in the visual language of her work. They are bothmonochromatic in life (the 'virginal' lily is assumed to be white), and thushave particular power and status within a black-and-white image, where otherobjects which have colour in life translate as 'grey' in the image. Thecypress tree is also a symbol which speaks of the artist's sense of home orsafe haven, and animals represent aspects of human behaviour .

Sue Fraser is a person who emanates a strong sense of place - her physicalplace in her home, and the community in which she lives; her emotional placewithin her family, her generation, her sex. She also exudes a unrequitedabsorption of the everyday, a sense in which every lived moment might befodder for the next print. Fraser is not obsessive about the way the viewerwill interpret the meaning of her work; for her, the personal search formeaning through the process of making a print is of primary importance. Asan artist she offers no judgmental point of view, but instead a pervasivesensibility and compassion, inviting the viewer to enter a dialogue aboutthe mystery of life, the beauty and stupidity that is within us all .

Heather Gaunt